About Us

For a decade, Hypnotic Sounds has been creating outstanding customer experiences and services to build prosperous businesses

About Us

Hypnotic Sounds Factory is a french company, founded in 2009 and based in central Paris.

For the last decade, we have been helping brands, distributors and retailers to growing their business and creating outstanding customer experiences and services. Our versatile company model and our solid cross-disciplinary experience, have given us the ability to help our customers to reach their potential. We work with our clients as part of an integrated project team. Combining insights, know-how and strategy to deliver positive results and turn ideas into solutions that fulfil our clients’ objectives.

In order to ask the right questions and unlock concepts and creativity in a global economy, it’s important to tailor brand messages and adapt to cultural nuances and local customs. To support our global clientele, we bring a multi-cultural expertise acquired year after year through a team of people understanding the world-wide diversity and complexity. We work with our clients and business partners across the world from our branches in Europe (Paris, France) and Asia (Tokyo, Japan).

10 years of experience working with brands, distributors, retailers, and manufacturers have given us a deep understanding of the music industry and how to deliver successful outcomes for our clients.

Identity, products manufacturing, strategy, trend forecasting, storytelling, market positioning are keys we deliver to develop your future projects and consolidate your own achievements. 


Vincent Beinis

Chief Executive Officer
Graduated from Sorbonne Univ. in Paris.
Vincent, as a CEO, leads our strategic and
commercial development. He identifies new
businesses and manages high-level client
relationships. His deep knowledge of the MI
field and his extensive experience define
his unique understanding of our industry.
Vincent speaks english, french, italian,
arabic and japanese.

Ling Chen

Head of Asia Business
Ling is a highly skilled and experienced
collaborator. She handles major
accounts businesses as a Senior Consultant
for one of the BIG4, and also work with us,
bringing her precious skills. She is an expert
in sales strategy, supply chain, e-business
system and more...
Ling speaks english, chinese and japanese.

Ryo Masuya

Head of EU Business

Ryo has an impressive multi-cultural back-
ground. Born in Paris, he grew up in NYC and
Osaka before to come back to France and settle
down in Paris. He has worked as a supply chain
and logistic expert for several airlines and major
companies. His main task is to bring fluidity
and coordination to everything we and our clients
work on. Ryo Speaks english, french and japanese.

Hisako Tanaka

Asia Business Development Executive
Hisako graduated from a prestigious university
in Japan. She is in charge of new business
development and supports on going projects
with manufactures and professional clients.
Recently, she has been developing our
presence in Asia, establishing high quality
relationships with several major actors.
Hisako speaks english and japanese.

Aymeric Simeon

Marketing & Communication Manager
Aymeric is an expert in marketing. His rich
experience as a high-tech journalist allows him
to use his highly developed critical and
communication skills to support our team.
Aymeric's rigour and discerning eye are some
major internal assets. Aymeric speaks english,
french and italian.