Strymon announces the Volante, an outstanding Tape machine.

Strymon Volante
After weeks of agonising teases, Strymon has unveiled its first new stompbox for quite some time, the Volante delay pedal.
Based on vintage tape delays, the Volante boasts magnetic drum echo, tape echo and reel-to-reel studio echo sounds, plus a looper and vintage spring reverb.

Strymon promises replication of every last magnetic delay system attribute, packing four onboard delay playback heads, with individual feedback, panning and level controls.
There are a host of nifty touches onboard, such as the ability to dial in mechanically related speed fluctuations and playback head wear, and adjust the spacing between heads.
Other features include MIDI integration, up to eight onboard presets, stereo panning, footswitchable infinite repeats and expression input.
In true Strymon fashion, the Volante looks like it will be the final word in vintage echo pedals. It’s available soon for 439€ in Europe.

Oh, and it’s also worth mentioning that the company announced the MultiSwitch Plus, too, which offers access to three presets on the Sunset and Riverside, plus additional functions on the Volante.
Source: Music Radar