VS AUDIO Effects, now available in France

VS AUDIO Effect Hypnotic Sounds

Hypnotic Sounds has been established as the new VS AUDIO Effects distributor for France.

It was 2011, when Panos Sotiropoulos met Costas Theoharis for their first time, both electronic engineers and musicians. Their main discussion was around music and especially guitars effects. At that time Costas was the rhythm guitar player in “Orora” band and Panos was entering the DIY world of guitar effects.

After a couple of months, Panos manage to put his ideas in a couple of builds and show them to Costas. The result was outstanding and promising, that was it!
Without any second they formed “Versus pedals”, an imaginary company at that time. Every day, they both met and exchange ideas around their first project.

After a lot of discussion, endless hours and a lot of beers, they decided to make a full analog tap tempo based delay. Their main goal was to make it sound and behave like the old 60’s tape echo delays plus with the feature of tap tempo. That was a little tricky, how can you make a 100% analog path BBD delay with those features?

At that time Costas was also doing some research regarding programming microprocessors and gave the solution for this innovative feature. He also suggested the true by pass relay based switch which was controlled through a microcontroller, giving the ability to put some logic in the relay switch. After a lot of research, a couple of prototypes and revisions they finally had their first effect they were looking for.

How will we call it, Panos quote? That was even the most difficult part in the process. You may have the best effect in the world but if you give it an awful name, then no one will give a crap about it. One night Panos and Costas were watching a TV show regarding “Project Diana”, an experimental project of the US Army Signal Corps in 1946. The goal was to bounce radar signals off the moon and receive the reflected signal. The concept was so similar to the delay effect that their first thought was to give that name to their delay.
After finishing “Project Diana”, they designed four other effects that were going to build: fuzz “Fuzzytale”, chorus-vibrato “Vibler”, distortion “Operation Trinity” and a dual overdrive called “Royal Flush”. The process was similar. Prototyping and testing took around two and a half years.
Finally in January 2016 they changed their name from “Versus pedals” to “Vs Audio effects”, the company was up and running and there are a lot of new and crazy ideas waiting in the closet.

The story goes on…