The flagship model of Free The Tone’s ARC Series has been reborn as the ARC-4.

Free The Tone ARC-4
The flagship model of FREE THE TONE’s ARC Series routing controller has been reborn as the ARC-4 by greatly enhancing its predecessor’s functions in order to handle systems that are growing increasingly more sophisticated.
Now each bank and preset can be named. A Setlist mode has been added to allow you to combine banks with setlists at will. Also added are support for a MIDI clock and a Bank Select function. You can easily synchronize operation with external sequencer software. Further, the ARC-4 comes with many hands-on features such as Stereo Loop, Boost, Phase Invert, etc. for concerts or recording.
FREE THE TONE has a commitment to “sound” and their original Holistic Tonal Solution “HTS Circuit” is the basis of this pursuit. Thanks to the “HTS Circuit” implemented in the signal input and output, the ARC-4’s amplifier can always receive signals with a constant impedance irrespective of the conditions resulting from combinations of connected effects units. The effected sound and bypassed sound managed by the HTS Circuit will always have the same sound quality, which solves a problem that has plagued players for years.
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Number of Effect Loops 8 [Series Loops: 7 (Monaural Loops: 5 / Stereo Loops: 2), Separate Loop: 1]
Number of Presets 200 banks x 10 presets. In total 2,000 presets
Control Terminals 4 (Latch/Momentary operation switchable)
Input Impedance 1MΩ (HTS-IN)
Output Load Impedance min. 10kΩ (HTS-OUT / OUT-A / OUT-B)
Boost range 0 to +14 dB
Power Supply Dedicated AC to 12VDC adapter
Current Consumption approx. 750 mA
Dimensions 386(W) x 152(D) x 81.5(H) mm (incl. protuberances such as footswitches, jacks, etc.)
Weight approx. 2.1 kg (excl. accessories)